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Through the years I have been so lucky to find so many amazing friends through my business and photographing weddings. Last march I was lucky enough to meet Shannon and Zach and their AMAZING family. They were so much fun and full of joy. Shannon had this amazing bond with her sisters that made me want to have more little girls so they would grow up and be like that. That is the day I met Kerri too. The beautiful bride whose day I am about to share with you. I got to know her and Brett at her sister’s wedding and I was OVER the moon when they asked if I would be willing to travel for the wedding. They weren’t sure if it would be south florida were they are from or somewhere else but they decided to follow their hearts and take us all to their favorite place in the world. Hopetown in the Bahamas! Kerri has amazing taste and planned the most beautiful day that was full of so much love and beauty! I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did taking them!



And of course I had to get a photo with two of my MOST favorite Rach Lea brides! Please pardon my icky hair and lack of makeup! Someone must remind me to take photos with my brides at the beginning of the day!


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You two! I swear I can never find enough ways to say how lucky we are to have clients like Krista and Clay. They have been so kind, sweet and fun from day one! I knew the second I spoke to them their day was going to be a blast! And beautiful to boot! I arrived at the Hilton Desoto where Krista was getting ready to find a room full of so much love. Her closest friends and family were so excited that this amazing day had come for her.  Krista was so calm and content. I don’t know they she felt one bit of nerves! Not sure how you could with a guy like Clay at the end of the aisle. He was just tickled to be marrying the girl of his dreams and that humungous smile you’ll see throughout the photos never left his face!

Krita & Clay thank you for choosing me…Thank you for making me feel like family!  Enjoy!


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